Let’s Go Green with Perla Dawn Sails

Let’s Go Green with Perla Dawn Sails

Lan Ha Bay, together with its twins, Halong Bay are always of the first choices of many travelers coming to Vietnam, thanks to their magnificent beauty.

Along with the growth of sea tourism, marine pollution has lately become a major concern especially garbage which can be found floating on the water quite regularly. The garbage comes from the residents living on the bay or along the seaside. It also comes from several tourists. All are affecting the environment as a whole.

Aware of the problem as well as the importance of sustainable tourism, our team of Perla Dawn Sails and V’Spirit Premier Cruise pay so much attention to sustainable and responsible tourism. It is considered as one of our missions to contribute to minimizing the bad effects of tourism on the environment of the bay, preserve local culture and grow the local economy.

Perla Dawn Sails and V’Spirit Premier Cruises have incorporated actions as part of their journeys to reduce negative impacts and protect the bay so that not only the staffs working on the boat but also customers using our services can jointly protect the environment through the activities and services on tour.

Our bath amenities are made of non-woven fabric, without the use of paper boxes. Non-woven fabrics are popular in developed countries around the world because they are environmentally-friendly and self- destructing materials, which help to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The liquid is contained in ceramic pots instead of single-use plastic bottles.

During the trip, instead of single-use water bottles, each guest is provided with a refillable bottle and it is easy to refill it from the water coolers which is always on stock and free on the boat.

We restore a local fish raft to allow visitors to interact with indigenous peoples, learn about their daily life and traditional fishing methods by reproducing the fishing gear and tools on the raft. This also contributes to the growth of living standard through the use of local labor: rowing bamboo boat, catching trash, keeping kayaks.

In addition to the above actions, monthly garbage collecting sessions are conducted by the company’s employees. We hope that our meaningful work will contribute to the sustainable development of Halong Bay in particular and the tourism industry of Vietnam in general.

Many of our customers ask us what they can do to help. It has never been easier than now for you to join us in the clean-up program. Simply ask your tour guide or cruise manager for a cleaning tool which will be very helpful to pick up the trash, especially during your kayaking activities.

Your little act can create a big impact so do not hesitate to give us your helping hand!

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