Lan Ha Bay features a peacefullt watery area with small fishing villages that continue to exist isolated from the rest of the world. Cruise on Perla Dawn Sails, you will also have a chance to meet some of the area’s fishermen, to do what they do on a regular basis, and to see what lies underneath the peaceful waters of the Bay.  You will leave with  unforgettable memories  of a wonderful day.

Fishing has been a seaside lifestyle for thousands of years in Vietnam,  and it continues  right up  until today. Indeed, even with the deluge of tourism it is still the most  reliable source of income for the residents of Lan Ha. The people  live in a floating village and go fishing every day. You will be accompanied by our tour guide so you can ask the fisherman anything about life on the bay.

On the second day of  Perla Dawn’s 3-day 2-night cruise itinerary, you will go to sea on a local fishing boat to participate in and watch the typical, daily fishing activities of the resident seaside familes. Ex[erience using traditional fishing gear and immerse  yourself for a while in the  real fishing life. These activities  are under guidance of  a genuine local fisherman, whose face  is  sunburned  from the hard way of life .

The fishing trip starts when you are transferred to the local fishing boat, designed in the traditional style, but creating a more modern engine noise.  Cast the fish net and bring in your catch like  a real fisherman. After pulling in  your catch, grill it there and then on the boat with the fisherman or take it back to be  prepared  by our chef at the cruise boat restaurant.

From going fishing to practicing the typical daily activities  of  the local people, , these experiences will provide you with  unforgettable  insights into the way of  life in Lan Ha Bay,  while at the same time you will be immersed  in the wondrous natural beauty of this incredible World Heritage Site.