Nestled on the periphery of Vietnam’s fabulous Halong Bay, rugged, craggy and jungle-clad Cat Ba, the largest island in the Bay is emerging as Vietnam’s adventure sport and ecotourism hub. However, if you think that visiting a bay what you can only do is cruising, and swimming, and kayaking, such water activities, you are totally wrong as there is one extremely exciting activity waiting for you when going along with us to Viet Hai village, trekking and cycling.

Viet Hai fishing village is located approximately 18 kilometers from Cat Ba Island, bordered by high mountains and jungle of Cat Ba National Park, which belongs to Cat Hai district of Hai Phong city. Just a few years ago, this village was absolutely secluded from the outside world with around 80 households maintaining their self-supply life as the ancient humans. Recently, being attracted by the primitive environment, more and more tourists come to enjoy the simple lifestyle of the locals and explore so many interesting things here.

This village, after being “discovered” and promoted to tourism with the Viet Hai Community Tourism Project, officially launched on February 21st, 2011 under the management of the Hai Phong Border Security force, has been opened to the outside world and can easily be reached by a 45 minute sailing from Beo pier in Cat Ba Town. This is a very good opportunity to enjoy the absorbed beauty of Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of islets, white sandy beaches, floating houses on the way. However, for those who love to explore and challenge themselves, the small road of about 8 kilometers passing by the Ao Ech Lake will be like an exciting trekking trip before meeting the isolated world, Viet Hai.

On setting foot here, one of the most exciting activities is cycling and this can be started right from the first step on the Viet Hai harbor. On the way to the village, you can stop at any time to take pictures of green lakes or the beautiful trees. What’s more, how exciting when biking along a road with a mysterious tunnel which is originally a cave. It is a fantastic road to come to Viet Hai village. In the village, you can visit old houses, take pictures of forest trees or see people, buffalos working on the green fields. In here you will be able to get rid of all daily worries, forget all troubles, tiredness to immerse yourself in the difficult-to-name feelings, to explore every corner of this “sleeping beauty”.