Lan Ha Bay beauty from above

With its original and majestic beauty, it is no wonder that Lan Ha Bay should be one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam that tourist should come to visit at least once in their trip in Vietnam. When taking part in a tour to Lan Ha Bay, beside the activities of entertainment, dining, sightseeing, beaching is always the priority of any visitor in any age. Here are some beaches in Lan Ha Bay that visitors should visit.

Primitive and small Van Boi beach

When traveling to Lan Ha Bay, visitors will find a small beach locating on a small island, along with the protruding part of a rock mountain, extremely deserted and still retain its inherent wild features. Van Boi Beach is covered by a rock mountain with green trees, shallow water level, clean and white sand, and extremely clear water. Although not a famous beach but the beauty of Van Boi has been recognized by many visitors who have come here.

Van Boi beach in Lan Ha Bay

Cat Dua (Sandy Pineapple) Beach (on Monkey Island)

Located about 2km from the center of Cat Ba town, Monkey Island or Cat Dua Island is a small island owning a very beautiful beach so called Cat Dua Beach. The beach is not too long, only about 1km in length but being one of the most beautiful beaches in Lan Ha Bay as well as among all beaches of Cat Ba Island.
Coming to Monkey Island beach, guests will swim and relax in the clear blue water, with golden sand in the hidden mystical beauty of the unexplored Lan Ha Bay. Besides swimming, the visitors can find it is interesting to take part in some other activities to discover the island as well as the Lan Ha Bay.
Not only can you swim at Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2 beaches, but you can also play with the cute and funny monkeys on the island. They are very active and naughty, and always be ready to play with you when you bring them food.

Monkey island in Lan Ha Bay, Cat ba island

Cat Co (1, 2, 3) Beaches

Tourists should not forget to experience the Cat Co 1, 2 and 3 beaches in the center of the Cat Ba Island. Cat Co 1 is the largest beach bordering the mountain, slightly waving all the year round, fresh air and clear water, where many tourists come to relax and bath. Cat Co 2 is peaceful and a bit mysterious while Cat Co 3 is quite modern. You can go to the beaches by electric car or motorbike taxi for only 10,000 VND/ person from your hotels in the town. The time for swimming in those beaches is before 18:30, after that the tide is getting high with strong waves, not safe enough for water-based activities.

Cat co beach in Cat Ba island

As discovered by experienced visitors who have explored Lan Ha Bay before you, Lan Ha Bay is definitely a heaven for kayaking thanks to the clean and clear water, fresh air and extremely isolated. Some famous places for kayaking are Tra Bau, Ba Trai Dao, Ba Ham Lake. Being alone or with other friends on a kayak, you will have a chance to discover the never-experienced emotions when paddling close to the rock cliff and feel the absolute calm of the area.
Some also say that kayaking is the best way to investigate the magnificence of the Bay since your kayak allows intimate access through karst formations and into covered lagoons, or along pristine shorelines skimming corners and cliffs where bigger boats can’t go.

Kayaking adventure in Lan Ha Bay

When the kayak wriggles through the unnamed islands, you will be able to see the beauty of coral reefs, the tiny flocks of fish, and the vastness of the landscape that cannot be described in any travel book. Each time the paddle goes down, the water splashes up with hundreds of thousands of drops that shine in the sunshine.

Lan Ha Bay beauty from above

If you are eager to explore the majestic scenery of Halong region by kayaking, a Lan Ha Bay overnight cruise on Perla Dawn Sails is definitely your best choice for you. Cruising with us, you will have a chance to kayak in Tra Bau area and Ba Ham Lake, 2 among the best areas for doing kayaking in Lan Ha. Kayaking to visit fishing villages, explore the most primitive corners of the bay, sailing via a separate route, where only you and nature exist together, without distractions will be a magnificent voyage.

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