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Showcase of Vietnamese culture on Perla Dawn Sails


Showcase of Vietnamese Culture on Perla Dawn Sails

Vietnam has a beautiful and rich culture, shaped by centuries of combining traditions and foreign influences. Traveling in different regions of Vietnam, you will experience many aspects of Vietnamese culture. In Halong Bay, we expect to have such a cultural space to showcase Vietnamese traditional arts and cultural values to international visitors who want to gain an insight into our culture.

Perla Dawn Sails devotes its traditional-style design to Vietnamese culture values including room, interior design and many small detailings decorated in different areas of the boat. The team at Perla Dawn Sails have made strong efforts to bring different cultural elements and Vietnamese characters into boat decoration. Cruising Lan Ha Bay, the off-the-beaten-path southern Halong Bay area to explore extraordinary nature but still get the cultural experience in a locally unique stay on Perla Dawn Sails.

Perla Dawn Sails also offers you an introduction to Vietnamese cuisine, the world-renown food for the brilliant balance of aromatics, heat, sweetness, sourness, and fish-sauciness. As with other Asian cuisines, our food is all about the yin and yang; the sweet and the salty, the cooling and the warming, the fresh and the fermenter. The meals on Perla Dawn Sails features the best of Vietnamese cuisine in the Northern regions, we pride ourselves with talented chefs to present unique Vietnamese cooking for delicious food and fine dining experience onboard. With every recipe and food preparation, we have a cultural story inside, try to use chopsticks and taste the local tasty dishes, you definitely know more about Vietnamese customs.

For an exclusive dining experience, we set up a dinner in the top deck, an elegant “restaurant, and bar” space, the boat’s top deck serves as an unparalleled spot to appreciate the incredible panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay and its islands, an intimate setting for a romantic dinner with a loved one or with newfound friends, or just relax with a glass of wine to celebrate the vacation. In addition to the magnificent and amazing views,  you will also be served with superbly prepared, wonderfully tasty dinners and an accompanying traditional musical performance. Image the peaceful bay, sit down with a refreshing drink, and treat yourself to a unique dining experience in the best restaurant on the boat.


Lan Ha Bay

Where do yours cruises start form? - Perla Dawn Sails starts our cruises from Got Pier, Cat Hai, Haiphong.







Unique cruise routes in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay offers an off-the-beaten-path cruise experience to the southern part of Halong Bay, where the scenic landscape has no difference with its better know Halong Bay center part. A luxury cruise vacation to visit fishing villages, scheduled beaches and kayak in the calm watery areas.

Lan Ha Bay offers an off-the-beaten-path cruise experience to the southern part of Halong Bay, where the scenic landscape has no difference with its better know Halong Bay center part. A luxury cruise vacation to visit fishing villages, scheduled beaches and kayak in the calm watery areas.


What our guests say:

I would like like to thank all of the crew, and particularly Tony, for such an enjoyable trip. The boat was clean and comfortable. I felt safe at all times. The scenery was spectacular. The activities on the short trip were also good fun. Although we only spent 24 hours in the bay, we managed to go in a cave, up a mountain, swim, kayak, and eat and drink well without ever feeling rushed! Thank you.

Mr. Chris Mini cruise

We have just come back from a cruise with Lafairy sails in HaLong bay. That was an extremly perfect sail. Lafairy is small boutique boat which is made of wood, friendly to environment and very comfortable. Luckily, weather on that day was very nice. The food was above excellent Cuong, Vy, Ky, Tom and master Tai chi Ngu made my trip unforgetabme. Highly recommend!

Mr. Patrick T Halong Bay wonderful trip

Pearla Dawn Sails is  exactly a cruise you should go for a vacation in Lan Ha Bay. The boat is made of wood so it looked a bit old but this is what I love, something old, boutique, classic. Everything was so lovely, from the boat, the cabin to the crew: the tour guide welcomed us at the waiting lounge, the staff waved their hands to say hello when we were on the tender ahead the boat, the smiling bartender served us delicious drinks to the chefs prepared good meals. The cabin is quite small but compact with neccesary amenities for a cruise and what I liked the most was the pillow, haha. I loved the dinner on top deck when we ate BBQ and surrounded by the fresh air of the bay. Not only the meal, the traditional music show from the mechanic was a highlight as well. A special thank you for all the lovely things you did for us.

Ms. Linh N Thank you for a lovely cruise

Halong Bay was one of the highlights on our Vietnam trip. With 20 person from Switzerland we booked the whole boat for 3 days. The weather was great and we could see an amazing sunrise and sunset. Kajaking and visiting the caves with blue sky and perfect 28 degrees. This boat has different categories of rooms, 2 really comfotable rooms with balcony. The food was very delicious and the stuff really helpful and friendly. Linh our guide on the boat was a funny person, always smiling and very friendly. Her english was very good and all of our group loved her. We had a great time on the boat together with the great crew and a lot of adventures and experiences.

Mr. jsteinemann 3 Days in Halong Bay with a group of 20 person